Inglot Electronics Corporation


Linear Laminated Designs:

    Power Transformers 100mVA to 3.5KVA

    Power Inductors

    Audio Transformers 50mw to 500 Watts

    Mag Amps (Control Transformers)

Our custom designed transformers are designed around your needs.   We can design around your safety agency's required specifications, whether it be TUV, CSA, UL, VDE or IEC.

We have a variety of mounting capabilities from standard channel frame to custom angle brackets.  These transformers are designed either on paper section tube or bobbin, based on your needs.


Linear Torodial Designs and EMI Products:

    Power Inductors, Both AC and DC

    Current Sense Transformer

    Common-Mode Chokes

    Differential-Mode Chokes

Along with the standard linear designs, Inglot manufactures Custom EMI Components for filtering the noise generated by your Switch-Mode Power Supply System.  Designed to meet all US and International safety and EMI requirements, they come in a variety of configurations from special chassis mounting to encapsulation and easy PCB mounting.  We use core materials that range from 5,000 to 18,000 permeability values.


Bobbin Configurations:

    EP, RM, EE,

    ETD, PQ, RS


Along with the linear laminated bobbin designs which is a large part of our design and manufacturing capabilities, we also incorporated a variety of other types of bobbin-type transformers.  These include pulse products such as Low Power Pulse Designs, Feedback Isolation, Data Line Isolators, High Power Switch-Mode Transformers, Buck and Boost Converters and Gate Drivers, to name a few.

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